Friday, June 20, 2008


There is mold in my microwave.

First, what the fuck?

I am NOT that grotty, I have never been that grotty, I clean that damn thing because I don't want it looking like the microwave at work. I sprayed it. With stuff that kills things that grow. THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING ALIVE IN THERE.

Second, what the fuck?

It's a MICROWAVE. It's my own personal nuclear reactor it's a bloody damn MICROWAVE. It kills things. It makes dead things deader. THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING ALIVE IN THERE.

Which means it might be undead.

Or mutant.

Do you think I get superhero powers if I lick it?


  1. Anonymous20/6/08 03:36

    Plug triple 0 into your phone and lick it. Go on - I dares yer.

  2. In my student days I lived in a Brisbane sharehouse that was filthy, and there was a population of COCKROACHES living in the microwave! They seemed to thrive in there. Except one died behind the LED display. Ugly.

  3. Anonymous20/6/08 07:15

    Er, I don't think you'll get superpowers. Unless you put your head right in, turn on the microwave THEN lick it. But I don't recommend that. You'd probably get Super Blindness/Fungal Infection powers, which are not very good ones as powers go.

  4. Anonymous20/6/08 08:52

    Don't stress, it's a closed environment and we have all manners of frozen and reheated foods in those things. I tried to fix mine a while back and now has superglue stuck to the bottom. doesn't turn no more :P

  5. Anonymous20/6/08 14:25

    Ew. If you do end up licking it I theorize that you'll end up creating some sort of super mold since it'll also maybe survive once you've swallowed it. Though I doubt when you cough the air will sparkle like magic. More like black smog. But magic is way better.

  6. HEAR YE HEAR YE I did not lick the mold. I keeeelled it. With spray. Which I suspect is only a short term solution, given spray didn't stop it last time. I tried to find a way to wipe it on the carpet or something obnoxious like that, but it wasn't happening.

    Also, Andrew, that's gross.