Saturday, June 28, 2008


I loved this xkcd comic, but having learned of its source, I love it moar.

Several times this clip has been watched, and will be watched again, and I think I'm going to seek out an mp3. SBS used the line "the world is an amazing place" for years, and may still do. Lack of TV exposure in recent months amplifies my ignorance in this field. It's a great line, and very true, but it's delivered by the SBS voice over guy, and he's...well, he's the SBS voice over guy. He has a Deep Serious Meaningful Voice. Whereas this ad revels in dorky glee, and "the world is just awesome" is a sentence that does the same.

True glee is very, very dorky.

From BoingBoing, images of London and the rising sea levels.

Which is almost exactly what I was aiming for with this 7wishes post, except I don't believe London will have crocodiles. I don't know how my new abode would cope with a rising sea, I suspect the sea wouldn't reach it particularly fast. I'm not on the ground floor anyway. Don't need to worry about flooding, just crocodiles. The flyscreen comes off and the window is wind out. I could cast lines out the bedroom and catch lunch, just like these women.


  1. Ah-hah. Thank you for doing my googling for me. I saw xkcd yesterday and puzzled for a bit, then got distracted by a piece of shiny paper and wandered off.

  2. I, also, was thrown by it until now. Thanks for the enlightenment, internets!

  3. Anonymous29/6/08 05:48

    If you're still looking for the official video or mp3, wikipedia gives the links at the bottom of this page:

  4. Thanks! I have mp3 and thanks to Deb have an ipod compatible version of the video too. It keeps me company on the train.

  5. Oooh, I wondered what inspired that strip.