Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bigger, Better, Badder Than Dr Who

Me Mam finished knitting a scarf I started some years ago.

Tis obnoxiously huge and warm and smothering and I haven't taken it off since she handed it to me. Winter is suddenly less of an ordeal. I think I could take on every winter in the history of all winters in this scarf.

Am moved, but not unpacked. Today is for cleaning the old apartment. In my scarf.


  1. Anonymous23/6/08 00:55

    It's the new Winter Ninja look!

    "Winter Ninja: avenger of downtrodden tenants everywhere. Real estate agents tremble at the name!"

  2. I demand pixtures of the new haus!

  3. Heh! The thumb thing was an attempt to dispel the ninja look. Clearly, I failed. :p

    Pictures will happen, er, later. When I reach the internet again. (Tis mostly box canyon anyway.)

  4. Anonymous23/6/08 12:49

    Na, the thumb only makes you look deadlier.

    "Beware, evil real estate agents!" says Winter Ninja. "I will kill you all... with this thumb."

  5. Anonymous23/6/08 20:31

    Winter? Crazy southern hemisphere...