Saturday, June 21, 2008

And That's That

There's a sort of jet lag that comes with nightshift, which sees me awake at 4am. As a result, I finished packing before lunch time, and now I'm just tooling around killing time, because there's nothing for me to do at home except play with my belly button. It's all books in boxes.

I feel I should do something significant to mark my last night in this place. My first home all to myself, first sign that I'm a big kid now. It's a quirky apartment, like living in an Escher painting with strange angles and bits that stick out in unexpected places and my post-industrial view and the pigeons that tap the window in the small hours of the night. It has character. But, for various reasons, I never made it into a home. It was only ever a place to live.

I'll miss living in the city. With the market behaving the way it is, I doubt it's a lifestyle I'll be able to afford ever again. The things you see when you're walking in the quiet hours of the morning or the fat hours of the night can't be beat. I love love love walking to work, and that's what I regret losing most. If anyone has the opportunity to live within walking distance of your job, DO EEET.

I'll miss free wifi too. INTERNET WILL HAPPEN but who knows how long set up takes.

I look forward to living among trees again, big fat sassy trees dropping crap everywhere. I look forward to fish 'n chips on a Friday night, which is only a suburban phenomenon. I look forward to a kitchen with a door, which will not make every single item I own smell like whatever it is I'm eating.

I look forward to my new place, and the home I will make of it.

And I ain't sacrificing anything to Our Lady of Cardboard Boxes this time. She's already taken a fair chunk of my peace of mind, greedy old hag. Chew on that and rot.

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