Thursday, November 23, 2006

Here I dreamt I was an eagle,
and could fly where I would,
but some evil bad guys had all my friends hostage at the top of a building in a very Bladerunner-like city,
and I rescued them instead,
and the eagle went away.

Here I dreamt there were bears trying to get into the house,
that no one else could see,
and they kept opening the doors,
and I am not quite so strong as bears
who force open doors,
and I didn't want to be eaten.


  1. Next time, remember this...

    You are STRONGER than the bears. And you eat bears for brunch. With fava beans.

  2. I was only stronger than the bears when it came to pushing on doors because I was that frightened, I said "this is my dream, I pull the strings," and hey presto, the doors closed.

    In any other circumstance, I would be bear munchies.