Thursday, September 14, 2017

I've wanted to write about the marriage equality vote for some time, particularly how #illridewithyou resonates with the Yes campaign. But, I'm sitting here listening to the skirls of rising panic of all my cringing bones, and I can't wax insightful.
For most, my mixed-race identity was erased from the hashtag narrative. It became about white people standing with non-white people. It became about allies, and their visibility.
When it comes to marriage equality, that's the only position I can take.
Racism and homophobia have different histories and manifest in different ways, but each are rooted in dehumanisation.
If you only spend your energies on those fights which affect you directly, then you are only acting out of self-interest.

A non-binding postal vote is just like a hashtag; it won't change anything, but it will make a difference.

Straight people: vote Yes, and put that vote back in the post. It costs you as much as retweeting a hashtag, and it matters.

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