Sunday, June 16, 2013


Last night was the birthday celebrations of two wonderful people, who in turn invited a lot of other wonderful people, including a face painter.

It's an interesting request with which to be presented. You can wear the most unobtrusive mask possible, and it is intended to draw attention to your face while making it hard for anyone to see you. There were foxes, cats, tigers, monsters, flowers and arabesques walking around, everyone so colourful and flambouyant, everyone become fantastic. Even knowing the people wearing the paint, the presence of the paint made such a different in how I read the minute inflections of their face.

I asked to be made a glacier.

That aqua paint does not come off easy. And glitter, don't talk to me about glitter.


  1. You make an awesome glacier.

    (Dammit, this was my chance to be an actual red panda...)

  2. Anonymous16/6/13 11:08

    All parties should be face-painting parties!

    Plus and also, you are ROCKING that glacier. I vote this be your professional writer photo from now on.

  3. That's quite beautiful - though I reckon it call also be called "Rip in the Spacetime Continuum". x