Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bread the Third

The overly-talented Neil Williamson has been trying his hand at making bread. Without the aid of a break maker. Proper mixing and kneading with his hands, the mere thought of which makes my knuckles and wrists wail. He was kind enough to allow us to act as guinea pigs for his third attempt. I admit, when I took possession of the foil-wrapped bread it was the perfect size, shape and heft, my first instinct was to drop kick it. Some bread is just right for a good punt, you know? Anyway, I didn't do that. It smelt glorious, as only freshly baked bread can. We decided to get some proper butter for the eating, and some brie, and some good soup. Barely waited to get in the door before rending its attire asunder.
Look at this bread! Look at it!
Fluffy and soft and moist and oooooh smells soooooo goooooooood-
Yeah, to be honest? It didn't last long enough for soup. Props to Neil. If you're giving consideration upon who to include in your party of survivors when the world ends, Neil's post-apocalyptic survival skills in baking are not to be overlooked. All you'll need to do is domesticate some wild yeast and you will be set for baked goods for the duration of your horrible ghastly gruelling survival period, however long that will be.


  1. ...I don't think I've seen you with hair below your shoulders since you went snickety snip what six or eight years ago?

  2. xavie mostly bakes her own bread from scratch, too, so I regularly come home to find random pots of bubbling yeasty goo standing on the heating or in the fridge. She has a big book of recipes which I think she's going through one by one...

    Last month I met the wife of an acquaintance, and she turned out to even mill her own grain for their breads. Bring on the apocalypse!