Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ullapool, now Tessa Base Camp


If I walk to the end of the verandah, this is what I can see. In the foreground, beyond the frame of this glimpse, a flock of ducks scabbling lazily as they settle on the grass in the dying light.

The shore is stone. The loch is sea. Dried weeds amid the pebbles. On the steps to the footpath a shattering of mussel and scallop shells, derelict barnacles and crushed mother-of-pearl.

A raised voice echoing around a corner. Such fury and vehemence. Don't you dare. Get back here.

To my left, an empty carpark. Two horses in coats, clopping in tandem across that space between buildings. Whingeing whinny and snort.

For a moment, I believe the supermarket not to stock bananas. For a moment.

There is no wind down by the water. The air is cold, too cold busy itself. The silence surrounding me as I stand in the daffodils is dense with space.


  1. Definitely a new scene, isn't it.

    Good luck with the Effexor. Don't panic if you find yourself unexpectedly very tired for a day or two - I found that to be the usual introduction to using it.

  2. Thanks for the warninq - I'm sure it will blend in with my adjustinq to a new workinq week tiredness, heh.

  3. work - definitely a four-letter word!

    much happier working my own hours on research at uni

    all the best with it all