Thursday, September 22, 2011

File under "do not lose": Love Letters

Beautiful Tessa,

Your deftness with words and how you craft feelings and visions with them leaves me awed and enraptured... pretty much alllll the time. I love your seething rage and your immaculate imitation of cat bum and the cheeky cheeky glint in your eyes. When you smile and when you laugh, you actually glow. That light warms everyone around you. You have a natural beauty and grace about you, a ravishing dark haired vision that my eyes enjoy alighting upon as often as they can manage (I AM NOT ALONE IN THINKING THIS, RAOWR). Your advice and thoughts cut to the core, yet are not of a typical approach... lateral thinking is a rare trait, so admirable.. you are bold, daring... and you blow me away with every twist and side-eye you slip in. And you have slipped in under my skin, in between my heart and my lungs - your warm, slender self - as you have slid in to a precious soft space in all of us. Anyone would be OBNOXOUSLY lucky to know you and call you their friend, confidant, collusionist, co en-cheekenator.


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