Friday, August 05, 2011

On the Subject of Towels

How do you prefer your towels;

A) Soft, fluffy, like wiping yourself all over with an obese Angola rabbit which has only ever bathed in fabric softener made from the milk of puffy pillows


B) Ancient, dessicated and concrete, like drying yourself down with the tongue of a drought which rasps away your top layer of skin to suck up every last trace of moisture


  1. Both. Dry myself with B, then wrap myself in A to putter around the apt.

    (captcha: dedfun.)

  2. I like A, but usually end up with B.

  3. chocolatetrudi7/8/11 00:18

    For some reason I thought the post title was "On the Subject of Vowels".

  4. I only found it a dilemma while travelling for work - if the budget extended to a better place to stay then A, but if going really on the cheap then usually only an option of B.

    Of course while still playing football, one only ever took B - wouldn't do to be seen pampering yourself with lovely, fluffy, comfy towel after that cathartic explosion of testosterone out on the ground.

  5. I would pick A, as long as the rabbits were adsorbent!

  6. The end tally appears to be an even split between the two.

    Those of you who prefer A should seek help immediately.

  7. We probably should have asked Arthur Dent!