Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Psychosomatic Phrynosoma

The Psychosomatic Phrynosoma is most often found in the abdomen, particularly in the stomach but has been known to roam about the digestive tract and guts according to the stability or lack thereof of its immediate environment.

Eggs are introduced to the host via aural injection, usually riding in upon words that the host does not wish to hear, or that perhaps herald further words that the host does not wish to hear. As these words traverse the earways they trigger various timers and countdowns that will either terminate in their own time or at the behest of external interference.

Once the eggs are deposited in the head they will remain dormant until mindscape surrounding them is at an appropriately fruitful and tense state, at which point they will hatch and begin their journey south in to the literal bowels of their host.

There, depending on the stress under which the host is placed, they will grow into mature adult size which is typically just a little bigger than is comfortable for the host. The host will react by clenching their stomach against this protrusion, which in turn will prompt the Psychosomatic Phrynosoma to extend the many spikes adorning its armour. This conflict will proceed as a struggle of wills, with the Phrynosoma twisting, clawing and scrabbling about with its many spines and claws while the host is most typically sitting calmly in a public place, such as a tram stop or an office desk, gazing distractedly into the distance and working the inside of their lips tensely.

The Psychosomatic Phrynosoma causes no physical damage. The infestation ends once the host's stress drops below viable levels, at which point the Phrynosoma dies, passes through the host's digestive tract, and leaves the body with a moist sigh.

The common name for the Psychosomatic Phrynsoma is "Anxiety".

ETA 28 June 2011: Cockle-warming surprise reading of this post done by the bouncy flouncy Alex Garber.

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  1. Anonymous26/6/11 12:19

    My stomach is in a knot. Your stomach is in a knot - that is the reason. There can only one reason for it, a scary reason, a real reason.

    I dreamed of you last night. The first time in a long long time. A strange dream. Of course.

    Your toes were coming off, and when I pointed it out you became angry and scared and resentful to me for pointing it out.
    You called out and guys came rushing from everywhere to your aid. Aiding what exactly, I don't know. Defending your dignity, your beauty, your sense of honour. As if they needed defending from me!
    These men with unknown faces tried to rush you away, hustle you into a lift, surround you and smother you as if I were a predator and you the prey.
    One of the bolder ones chose to fight me - to prove his worth, to win your freedom. Anoter tried to seduce me away from you. Neither of course were successful. None of them saw the truth that I spoke of, although you did. You did not fight or run, but allowed yourself to be buffeted and displaced by their attentions. The second level of hell.

    I have known, of course I have known, for the longest time. And have chosen not to say anything or do anything. But I am still connected and so have a sense of the increasing anxiety which you face. So its time I reached out again. Not for reasons of my own, well, not specifically. Not for my gratification.

    This is a dangerous time. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to my / your feelings, but I've been living my life - building a new one so to speak.

    I don't know what I can offer you. My stomach is so tight I feel like puking, but still its your fight and I promised I would never attempt to take that away from you. The fight is waht you have left, and it will see you through.

    Now read the book I gave you damn it. You will want to burn it, piss on it, piss on me, but it will help with your fight, and it will help you find a way forward. There is hope. More than that - there is a way forward, where pain can be put back in its right place.

    I don't want to come here again. I promised myself I wouldn't unless there was a critical need to do so.

    Call me if you need, meet me if you need. Or not, the choice as always is yours. But above all, do not give up. The change is coming.