Saturday, May 02, 2009

Facial Fortitude

Week Five of the beard growing attempt.

I did give myself a deadline of sorts, and that deadline has now been exceeded. By now, even my brother would have managed some low lying scrub on his upper lip. It's about all he can do, get some stringy little mo that makes him look like a dirty drug dealer. I have not achieved even this.

There are many skills, abilities and talents I possess. Some of them I am very good at. Some of them are even useful. Alas, I can only conclude that growing hair on my face is not an innate ability of mine.

But you should see my pubes! pits! legs!


  1. A brave attempt!

    (The beard, not the pubes - that's between you and your god)

  2. i think you need to give it more time. and more pipe-smoking.

  3. Ah well, never mind. Some things just aren't meant to be.

    Will there be, er, pictures of, er, your legs?

  4. Hard work such as this requires congratulations, even if the end result is not success.

    More important: what is your new goal?

  5. So how many legs have you grown over these five weeks you've been waiting for the beard?

  6. I just assumed that, like tv newsreaders, you didn't have any legs since I've only ever seen pictures like the one above.

    Following that logic though, there are hundreds of people on the internet that are completely invisible because I've never seen pictures of them.

  7. We did see her feet though, when she held up that one book with them. So those are just floating in space unattached?

  8. Stunt feet, hired for the occasion.