Saturday, November 03, 2007

here's to another year getting accustomed here

Around the age of 10, I realised I would never get to go to the moon.

It was one of those 'oh,' moments full of heart-break, not unlike being dumped, not that I had any idea what it felt like to be dumped when I was 10, but I did have a crush on this boy, who in turn had a crush on my best friend, which is probably a better analogy, because the moon is all about unrequitedness.

It still upsets me, because I'm the broody type.

At least once a week I paw through the gallery at The Deep, looking at the same photos over and over. I love these beasties, I really do. Knowing that they exist gives me that giddy delight that causes me to grin for no obvious reason.

But this act of looking at the photos is really a creepy stalker thing, because I know they're another moon, and I have even less chance of seeing these little fellas in the deep ocean than I do of playing leap-frog on the lunar surface, and looking at these photos is like timing yourself to stand on that certain street corner at a certain time hoping to catch a glimpse of someone who doesn't know you exist, which isn't healthy behaviour at all, but you carry on doing so anyway, and you never see them.

The world needs more ghostly octopuseseses.

Disclaimer: Nightshift, okay? I absolve all responsibility for any peculiar character traits I may be exhibiting. If you mock me, I will cry at you. It will be snotty. Nightshift does that, you know. I cry at the thought of being faced by dinner. Dinner, I can't handle dinner, why would you ask dinner of me? I CAN'T DO THIS.

You have no idea.

Have a not-so-peculiar chaser;

Around 2am I discovered kawaii not, a little webcomic of cute every day items being unsavoury. The following strip made me cackle.

Actually, the whole archive made me cackle. The poor banana dipped in chocolate.


  1. Hey, Tessa -
    Shoot me an email:
    mattormeg (at) gmail (dot) com.
    I looked for your address and couldn't find it.
    -Matt Staggs

  2. Anonymous3/11/07 14:07

    Giddy delight is a perfectly good reason to look at photos of ghostly octopusses, I reckon.

  3. I think an octopus would be an awesome pet. If it weren't for the whole water thing. A ghost octopus would make an even awesomer pet.

  4. I've looked into having one as a pet. Unfortunately, they don't live very long at all (about a year or so), and I have a feeling that I'd become very attached to one.

  5. Only a year? I couldn't do that, not at all.

    Instead of researching super-mice, they should look into extending the lifespan of octopusesses. Science has its priorities messed up.

  6. +++I absolve all responsibility for any peculiar character traits I may be exhibiting.+++

    Would it make you cry if I said that that didn't actually seem a very peculiar (read: un-Tessalike) post?

    "The moon is all about unrequitedness", though, that's a hell of a story hook. Think of all the things you can do with that idea, hell, even without stepping into specfic.

  7. I know, I'm a loony all the time. On this side of nightshift, I can't tell if I'm keeping my loony in check or not.

    I'll only sniffle a bit.

    Is 'unrequitedness' even a word?

  8. Anonymous6/11/07 13:07

    Nightshift is killer. Once, when I was working nightshift, I tripped over a chair and took it out on my dog. The crazy part was, I didn't have a dog.

    I like to imagine there are ghostly octopuses on the moon. We'll go one day, and it will be magnificent.

    P.S. A search for "unrequited-ness" turns up Census Bureau information for Ness City in Kansas.

  9. I think the definition of 'unrequitedness' needs readdressing, yah.