Wednesday, April 25, 2007

See Trumpet, Blow Trumpet

I have sold Bitter Elsie Mae to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Bitter Elsie Mae was my week three Clarion South story, so a big shout out to my class mates and Ellen Datlow for helping me fix it. The story (containing pirates and ghost ships and bad grammar), will be in issue #34, due February 2008.

I have also received word that One Night on Tidal Rig #13, which was originally slated to be released this coming June in one of the Daikaiju! sequels, has been delayed till October. Le sigh. I won't be in the country, alas. Oh well. I've already waited over two years, I can wait a bit longer.

Finally, that fine young lady Deb just announced that she sold a story to POSTSCRIPTS, and that, my friends, is AWESOME with a capital HELL YEAH. Go over and tell her to write the sequel congratulate her.

When our powers combine, we are Captain Planet. No wait, Voltron. Voltron is much cooler.


  1. Anonymous25/4/07 02:47

    Voltron was much cooler, without a doubt. Even cooler still were the ones dressed as birds. Or the autobots! Or Robotech!

    I am writing the synopsis to the first novel, which is one teeny step closer to the sequel, I promise.

    And cool new layout.

    I am glad to know ASIM has as much taste as I always suspected ^.^

  2. Anonymous25/4/07 03:19

    Big yay!!

    You do realise you're not allowed to hate your writing for fully five minutes, don't you?

  3. Deb, let's go all out and be Power Rangers! Yeah!

    I don't want to be the pink one.

    Yes, Gilliant. Five minutes exactly.

  4. Money for words? How very cool is that whole idea?

    You rocketh :)


    That's awesome.

  6. Thanks Gigi 'n Raj. :)

  7. Great news! I really enjoyed that story at Clarion. :)