Sunday, December 03, 2006


Exactly why do you read this?


  1. Anonymous3/12/06 10:27

    Stuff about writing process.
    Book recommendations.

  2. Anonymous3/12/06 13:49

    Because there's this froopy dudette who I don't know well enough writing it, and reading it I at least feel I have /some/ idea of what's happening in her life. Plus it's always written interestingly, and frequently makes me smile. And sometimes it links to something like RvB which I didn't know yet and then become an absolute fan of.

    Y'know... the usual.

  3. Anonymous3/12/06 13:51

    Because no matter what you write about, you invariably have a turn of phrase that makes me cackle.

    And besides, it's the most convenient place to stalk you. You're my bud and I want to know what's going on in your life since you almost never post on forums, let alone appear on any IM thingamabobbers.

    Stalk. Stalk. Stalk.

  4. Um...because I'm an ijit?

  5. Anonymous3/12/06 21:55

    I have murky motives.

    Actually, it's mostly because you write it. I have an lj-feed, and I see the blogosphere as a social space. It's an easy way of keeping in touch without, you know, talking.

  6. Anonymous4/12/06 01:18

    You want reasons? Apart from the obvious, which is the chance to say evil things to you in the comments?

  7. Anonymous4/12/06 04:55

    Well, you're one of my favourite Shadowmarch people so I like to hear about what you're up to!

    Plus even when you write out a list of what you did that day it's amazing to read. Makes me wish I had an ounce of talent for writing so I could make my day sound interesting... :)

  8. Thanks for answering, guys. I asked out of curiosity, after skimming over the blogs and journals I have bookmarked. I read them all for very different reasons.

    Youse, however, are all stalkers with murky motives. ;P

  9. If you write it they will read.




    I'm just some guy.

    *disappears behind a flash bomb*


  10. I read because you say things that put the world into a slightly skewed perspective for me. Reading your commentary about your life and the things you see/do/say/etc. makes me think differently about the my life and the things I see/do/say/etc., and that's very good for me. Different perspectives always are.

    Plus, I love you dearly, and I like to know how things are going over there on the other side of the world.