Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm not going to rant about IE and that it's a useless piece of shisno and all the security and network restrictions at work mean I can't get any updates for it so it tends to indulge in apoplexy every time I ask it to do anything strenuous, like look at a site, any site, and it has gone and twisted itself into a state of uselessness much earlier in the day than normal, and I can't even get blogger to load, so please forgive me for email posting, in particular for the enormous WARNING attachment that Outlook throws on the end of every email I send, and I don't have the option to turn that off, believe me, I've looked, and this signature will break my blog page and your f-list and crap up any feeds you're reading through.
It took us a while to figure out what the noise was.  We were walking by the river, trying to wake up, and I swear I could hear howler monkeys or gibbons or some nauseous primate, wailing loud and clear over the city.  Monkeys, F1 racing cars - same difference.
I'm still trying to wake up.  I'm not sure what happened this week, but I've had time to do nothing.  Haven't finished the reading that should have been finished days ago, haven't started writing up the books I've read, haven't written, haven't done the dishes or the washing, haven't bought food, have developed a monsterous email backlog, and I'm working up a considerable sleep debt.  I know I'm in a bad way when not even Daft Punk's DISCOVERY gets me chair dancing. 
Le blog has been neglected too.  See, I'm stealing time at work now to post, 'cause I won't have any tonight.  And even this post is only a longwinded and rambly placeholder for a real post, so's I can remind you about the copy of WEIRD TALES I have locked in a sunken russian nuclear submarine that COULD BE YOURS.  So far squid and haxxors are involved.  You have until Sunday to outwit the squid and haxxors.  There is also surprise! additional! thingie! thrown into the mix. 
The squid and haxxors clearly know what they're doing, but don't be intimidated by them.  Both taste great with a bit of lemon juice, ginger and chilli.

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