Monday, March 09, 2009

For The Record

My name is Tessa.

Not Teresa, Terese, Theresa, Therese, Contessa or any variation thereof. Any attempt made by you to use these names when addressing me will not make you professional, formal, or strip out what I'm guessing you perceive as a casual nickname with connotations of familiarity. You will not be exercising any sort of control over our interaction. You will just be wrong.


  1. Matthew F.9/3/09 01:26

    I don't think it's ever really occurred to think your name was short for something, although I admit to trying to work out early on if you were a Tessa who occasionally got shortened to Tess or a Tess who occasionally got nicknamed Tessa. I've only ever heard Teresa shortened to Terri (apart from one of my current acquaintance who likes to go by her initials). I can't see you as a Therese.

    In other news, my verification is "osenest" (it was "retivelm" for a second and then changed itself, I don't know why). I'm now going to spend the afternoon trying to work out what the correct missing first letter is.

  2. I also never thought Tessa could be short for anything... although how could you not want to be called Contessa??

  3. My opinion regarding the inclusion or exclusion of the letter 'a' is non-existent. If you can be bothered with the extra syllable, go for your life. If you can't, I'm not going to miss it.

    There's a Theresa in my office. People keep calling her Tessa, which infuriates me to no end. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. Parents didn't realise Tessa was a nickname when they named me.

    (Contessa is way badass. Alas, I don't believe I'll ever be able to pull of Contessa with a straight face.)

  4. How presumptious of people to do that! If someone is introduced as X, they should be called X. Chris doesn't get called "Christopher", Dave doesn't become "David", Tony become "Anthony".

    But Contessa would be pretty cool. As would X, for that matter.

  5. Yeah, I know! I figure, you are what you're introduced as, and that's it.

    I dunno about X. It's gone a bit far into the realms of tryhard badass.

  6. I'm currently researching names for a work in progress under the working title of 'baby 2'. According to one book Tessa is short for "Quintessa". If you were going to have your name short for anything, then being named after the fifth element is as cool a thing as most...

  7. :o

    Quintessa ROCKS. Why does no one call me Quintessa? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?