Sunday, March 29, 2009


You three are hilarious, heh. Best competition evah? Goodness yes. Sunken Russian nuclear submarines make the world a fabulous place to live in.

After much deliberating, the Committee of Me, Myself and I have reached a decision, and in this particular battle we name Aanimal as victor. The squid, shrimp and whales were excellent plans, but using the TSA to open the safe is a stroke of pure raw genius. It still makes me guffaw.

Aanimal, a postal address if you please!

But, such valiant and BLOODY OARSUM efforts should not go unrewarded. Mr Miller, Mr Moles, I do have in my possession copies of the previous issue of Weird Tales. If you wish it, give me a postal address and they're totally and utterly yours.

Now, you three need to go into business together, 'cause I see great potential for 'problem solving' here, and when your powers combine you are CAPTAIN PLANET you could rock the kazbah six ways from sunday. Would you like a project to start you off?

As found on the other 95%, this octopus uses both camouflage and imitation, which makes it a SEA NINJA. I'd like to order an army of these such beasties.

In red. I like red. Ooh, and purple. Yeah.

(Do you take credit?)


  1. Wheee! I won, I won! *spends a couple of hours gloating in a most unbecoming manner*
    ^_^ (I must admit the weaponized brine shrimp worried me; as a SeaMonkey user, I'm particularly susceptible to such tactics.)

    Postal address sent to the shoutout email addy from the sidebar (is that your main email address nowadays, or is it still @optusnet after all? I seem to have forgotten what the outcome of the last ISP battle was...; obviously don't email you nearly often enough.)

  2. :O

    I don't want one of those beasties, I want to BE one! That looks like so much fun! creepy-crawley, glidey OR drifty...

  3. ArthurMiller@OUSalesperson1/4/09 07:52

    We could always help you out with the beard. (Although I think a fake one might be your only option at this point).

  4. Aanimal, you surprise me. Why would I not have my mail proggie set up to inhale all emails, regardless of address? I SEE THEM. I SEE THEM AAAALL.

    I love the way it fluffs up at the crab. Not just changing colour, but turning into a hovercraft.

    No fake beard! Never give up! Never surrender! ALL OR NOTHING.

  5. Ah, see, that's how my email addresses work too, yet far too many people I know (but email with only occasionally) tend to abandon email addresses regularly (mostly due to spam), only ever checking the old ones sporadically (if at all) through some webmail interface, and so I've gotten into the habit of always badgering people for what their current "main" email address is. (It's a sad thing when I'm some foreign country and miss a chance for hanging out with a friend because the email I sent two weeks before went unread. Had that happen again just last month in Stockholm, actually. :/ *shakes fist at spammers*)