Saturday, May 03, 2008

Unlimited Power

Here we see the Great Nostromo, a MAN WITH UNCANNY NOSTRIL POWERS, using his particular talents for evil. HAIRY MCTAVISH, THE SCOTTISH DANCING WOMBAT, has been caught unawares and, jig disrupted, is about to meet a very sticky end. Along with some detatched assmonkey TOES and autonomous PURPLE COFFEE.

This is all taking place inside the WORLD'S BIGGEST CHIKO ROLL.


  1. I don't think anything will ever live up to yesterday's picture, THANK THE NINE RINGS OF HELL FOR THAT.


  2. Oh noes!! Hairy McTavish is teh doomed!

    (I'm glad I'd finished my cup of tea before I saw this, else I'd have sprayed it over my monitor in a fit of laughter.)

  3. I think the purple coffee is perfect and should appear in all future pictures. Also, the inside of the chicko roll is good - I've never actually known what they look like inside until now. You have changed my life.

  4. Monkey magic being serenaded by/fighting a mexican ninja Mariachi band.