Monday, September 21, 2009

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(gakked from zooillogix)

Sometimes the bird/windscreen metaphor just doesn't cut it.

It is possible to be opposing viewpoints simultaneously. When I say I feel like this video, I mean both the eagle and the mountain goat. It's the act, that terrible moment of release. There is no going back.


  1. I think what's most amazing is the way the eagle uses the Spanish voiceover and the 60s sci-fi soundtrack to paralyze its prey.

  2. (Seriously, though, that is crazy. I've seen an eagle kill a seagull, but it involved repeated powerdives from five hundred feet. The cliff is quite a trick.)

    (And yeah, you have wonder how the goat feels when the eagle lets go.)

  3. Life is what happens between the eagle letting go and the ground rushing to meet you...

  4. Anonymous23/9/09 11:47

    I wonder how many goats the production crew had to put on that lege to get all those camera angles just right.
    I like goat, it tastes like mutton but with less fat. Now I keep thinkng about that Steve Miller Band song, "I want to fry up an eagle..."