Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't think you can set out on a venture such as this without harbouring expectations. I try to trade expectations for hope, as hope leads to less disappointment.

I hope I don't lose my passport. I hope the yakuza don't kidnap me. I hope I have a great time.

I hope this takes me so far from everything I know, and everything I think I know, and reboots my head.

I don't believe in finding yourself, sorting yourself out, and all that. But I do believe in reset buttons.

Anyway. Going to Japan. AFK. BBL.


  1. Bon voyage, godspeed, good hunting and all that. I look forward to your despatches from the front, Sir Tessa!

  2. Take care, lady, have fun, but don't bring any yaoi home...!

  3. Have fun for those of us who languish in ozland :).