Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Checking In

Move: Completed.
Unpacking: Not completed.

This: New webcam shots location. No longer facing the window, so lighting shall be a bugger. Must remove that tiger.

I have an ulcer, coldsores, shadows and bags, cough, cold, shakes and my arms are killing me, but the birdsong here is surprisingly thick and lively, the shower is decadent, and that's my boy Sam on sentry duty at the perimeter.


  1. Is unpacking ever really completed?

    Sorry to hear about your ulcer/shakes/etceteras, but am delighted you have birdsong and a decadent shower.

  2. But on the plus side, you have an impressive bedhead bouffant!

  3. You are a soldier I adore. I'm marching invisibly in tow.

  4. Not at all, Chris, but there is stuff that never really needs unpacking, and there is not being able to get to your socks.

    Jaime, I do GREAT bed hair. Cockatoo impression ahoy!

    Careful in my wake there, Jon. No idea where I'm going.