Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The upside to being awake long before my alarm goes off is indulging in a luxurious morning with a cup of tea, instead of wash/dress/teeth/GO. Well, it's luxurious for me. I've seen some lovely dawns too.

Fuck the upside. I want to sleep. More than two hours. You hear that, body? Stop that shit, or I'll put out your eyes. And eat them. With raspberry jam on toast. Then you'll be sorry, oh, you'll be sorry.


  1. Tasting notes, please? (all this week it's happenined to me - Macbeth may not have banished sleep, but something certainly has - except I can't do the eyeball bit cos they aren't kosher)

  2. Alas, there was no toast. I don't have a toaster.

    I do have raspberry jam though. It's the second best raspberry jam in the world. The first best is from the Cheese Freaks out in Yarra Glen, and I'm overdue for a visit.


  3. We will be visiting Cheese Freaks for raspberry jam when I am in Melbourne, yes.

  4. Obviously your body just can't take normality.

  5. Hell yes, Jaime. They used to serve 'the best lemon tart in the universe' (as stated in the menu) but last time I went it'd disappeared. There isn't bad food to be had there, though.

    Mabs, could be true.