Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doom. Doom. And also? Doom.

Here we see the Jules Verne burning up on re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. I would like to think that I would be just as spectacular to behold, should I ever make it back to Earth.

And should I ever make it back to Earth, I would find empty oceans;

As pointed out by deep sea news, this is already true. Tuna is already near extinct, catfish are discovering the joys of human flesh, beautiful platinum arowana are held in small tanks and sold for £200,000, and oarfish get themselves caught out of deep water.

If I'm lucky, I'll burn up in the sky and never see this.

But it is already true.


  1. I wonder where all the tuna's going? Western populations aren't growing, and Japan can't be entirely responsible. China?

  2. Western populations are eating more sushi and seafood in general, under the impression that it is healthy food. Which it is, but the demand for tuna skyrocketed as a result. Tuna is also hunted at every stage of its life cycle, so there's no period in which a fish can catch a break.

  3. I eat sushi because I just love it. Please tell me it's still ok to eat salmon.

    P.S. Your word verification gives me "aecswjpe" today. That is Norwegian for "asswipe", isn't it?

  4. It isn't really okay to eat any sort of fish. Fishing isn't regulated enough, and even if all fishing were to stop now it would take decades for the ocean to refill. Fish farming isn't really a viable alternative, given the amount of damage farms do to the environment, and the amount of fish that larger fish need to be fed in order to grow big enough to produce a commercial quantity of meat.

    There is, heh, a sushi pocket guide to responsible sushi eating in regards to seafood and the environment, although I don't know if it applies to fisheries outside of the US.

    To make it easy, I just don't eat seafood any more.

    It's very hard. : (

    (How come everyone but me gets interesting word verification?)

  5. Damn, damn, damn. I love sushi. I join you with the :(.

    How about scallops, and farmed shrimp and crayfish?

  6. I actually have no idea. I imagine shellfish farms have less of an impact on their immediate environment, but don't know about the others. I shall have to investigate.