Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is not a map of Antarctica.

Today was awesome, and when I say awesome, I mean, awesome. A. W. E. S. O. M. E. Things occur in threes. One of these things made me giggle and shall not be disclosed any time soon. Another of these things made me shriek and shall be disclosed soon-ish. The last of these things was purely material and thus of no interest to anyone to me.

When these things combine, I end up feeling like this;

As nicked from Warren Ellis.

Now, when you wrestle with an idea for long enough - whether that idea be a project, person, goal, whatever - it begins to define your day, and once it has defined enough of your days, it begins to define you.

Thus, no matter how you may feel about said idea (in this particular case, a whole lot of loathing and frustration), when the time comes to part with it, you will be lost. Bereft. The anchor to which you and your life have unwittingly become attached suddenly gone, an absence you know is coming but only understand when it is sitting in your lap at 6:37pm on a week day evening. You'll rather feel as though you've just had a break up.

How to deal with this?

A) Drown your sorrows!
B) Revel in the free time and headspace you've suddenly regained!

Guess. Just go on. I bet you don't even need one.

Posting shall remain light for the interim.

(Actually, posting will probably go through the roof as I seek any form of procrastination. Bet you tu dolla.)


  1. They should have kept the camera on all the way to Mars -- the YouTube version would have like an hour of near-total darkness in the middle and then another ten seconds of landing at the end.

  2. I'm happy (belatedly!) for the awesomeness. Good luck with the insane deadline.